HIVE Solar Batteries implements cutting edge technology for the use of home solar storage solutions. The Hive 2.9kW battery is a modular solution and is capable of being expanded to 17.4kWh for even greater storage capacity. It has an all-in-one design that is popular with installers and homeowners, as our system has been pre-engineered and prepared in the factory, so that it saves valuable time and minimises the chance of errors during installation.

In addition, its flexibility to add on more battery units with actual plug-and-play installation has been highly needed in the solar storage market.

Hive Solar Batteries only use the safest battery chemistry available on the market – Lithium Iron Phosphate. As a safeguard, we use extra casing for our batteries and have software integration to protect the battery from any potential damage.

Built-in Inverter
Modular Design
Easy Install & Low Maintenance
24/7 Monitoring
Blackout Protection (UPS)

Multi-function All-In-One System Design

Smart Energy Management System

  • Compatible with multiple operation modes to suit different customers needs
  • Collection of data records to easily check all historical data since installation

Advanced Battery

  • Premium Lithium Iron Phosphate Chemistry provided by tier 1 manufacturers
  • Ultra-safe housing provided by metal CAN cells
  • Advanced battery management system design to ensure safety and efficiency
Modular Hive Batteries

24/7 Cloud Monitoring

Maximise Savings

  • 24-hour monitoring system via user-friendly interface to demonstrate real-time profit
  • Remote setting/control subject to electricity tariff to maximize profit


  • Safe operation with built-in system protection mechanisms
  • Prompt response to any problems with remote diagnostics
  • Local technical support from Hive engineers

Free Upgrades for Life

  • Easy to update your system online or via USB drive
  • Keep up with the evolving future of energy

Tim Watson talks about Hive Solar Batteries

“Have been installing this battery for over 4 months now. Find it a very easy AC coupled battery. Commissioning is done in a few easy steps and the monitoring platform is very simple for customers to understand.”

– Kristian, Kelectrix, VIC

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